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17th August 2017

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Value Building Services

You don’t need EXITS to know how you want to see your business grow. But we will help get you there. We offer individualized consultations, and a variety of tools, for your professional and personal needs.

Valuation — An independent valuation provides a view of your company that meets stringent federal financial reporting guidelines. It’s a baseline for knowing your company’s worth, and a useful tool for negotiating contracts and managing sales and buyouts. Our valuation specialists can also offer expert testimony in litigation.

Business Strategy — Expert advisors help identify the strengths of your company, as a potential buyer would see them. Strategy planning also helps streamline and improve processes within the business, and take an impartial, critical look at staff to see if the right talent is available — and if it’s being used the right way.

Corporate Risk Management — Our advisors can review your company’s existing insurance coverage to align it with your current business model. We also establish loss prevention coverage and claims supervision for ergonomics, cyber-risk, and more, all at a competitive cost.

Management Development — Assessment tools and coaching sessions develop the company’s leadership team, and facilitate a strong, enthusiastic organization. Staff and executives review their personal qualities as they relate to the team, and our advisors guide professional development by building on existing behaviors.

Business Insurance — The EXITS advisor team reviews a company’s existing risk management coverage on executives, key staff and employees, and calculates the best vehicle to make sure the team and its leaders are covered in any situation. Business insurance is also used for transactions like multiple buy sell agreements, and in conjunction with professional and personal estate planning.

Wealth Management — Wealth managers track the domestic and international markets to provide the highest-earning, most tax-advantageous investments daily. An EXITS wealth manager begins with an in-depth analysis, tailored to your financial condition. That leads to annuities, mutual funds and other tools selected especially to meet your personal and business objectives, all constantly monitored for best performance.

Commercial Real Estate — Valuing and managing buildings and land is a key part of the sale of businesses. Real estate experts can also assist business owners in negotiating with leasees, and building their property’s overall worth.

Commercial Banking — A business loan is a vital element in nearly every company’s growth plan. Commercial bankers assist business owners in finding funding from lenders both locally and on a broader scale. They structure the loan and repayment plans.

Mergers & Acquisitions — While a business owner may know the kind of company they’d like to work with in a certain situation, EXITS M & A specialists know the market, and have access to pre-qualified buyers and sellers: companies are available on the market at the time a business owner is interested in a transaction.

CPA — Minimize tax expenses and establish a development strategy that meets your financial objectives, no matter which stage of business you’re in today. A CPA adds value in the day-to-day operations of your business, and during major financial events, like a business sale or at tax time.

Business Attorney — A business law specialist offers expertise on multiple topics, including contract review (for employees, with vendors and during a sale transaction), establishing intellectual property and patents, resolving labor issues with staff and management, and estate planning on a personal level, in relation to a business. Business attorneys can also contribute on questions of finance, taxation and commercial litigation — protecting companies from liability.