Protecting business wealth and family integrity.
17th August 2017

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About Us

Joani Gill, CeXP™, works with business owners who are thinking about the next step for their business and their families. She guides them in articulating, evaluating and clarifying their business, personal and legacy goals, then facilitates a multi-disciplined team to meet those objectives. 

Joani spent 15 years in business development, marketing, quality systems, public relations, communications, and business and strategic planning for a global, multi-million-dollar, family owned manufacturing business. Her contributions propelled the company in product and market diversification, improved profit margins, industry recognition and cultural enrichment.

Joani’s passion for business success led her to develop a unique business model for EXITS, LLC, that provides business owners with a holistic approach to exit planning and professional collaboration. Her vision is to make successful exits the standard, not the exception. EXITS, LLC, exists to protect business wealth and family integrity.

Joani is certified in exit planning through the Business Enterprise Institute, Inc. She is licensed in insurance and is a Financial Services Professional with Centennial Securities holding series 6 and 63 licenses. Joani is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a BS in Management, and she currently serves as President of the Association for Corporate Growth, Western Michigan Chapter. She has served on the boards of the West Michigan World Trade Association and the Grand Rapids Inventors Network (GRIN) .

The Grand Rapids Business Journal interview with Joani Gill: “Drowning In Testosterone”


Meet Our Skilled Transactional Professional Members

Rick Adamy

Certified Valuation Advisor
Rick helps business owners get a look at what their business is actually worth. Valuation is more than just the dollar amount of a company’s assets and cash flow. It also considers the industry the business is part of, and the rate of growth the company has shown. Rick’s valuation gives your company a benchmark, to find out what it’s worth right now, and what it can be worth in the future.

Dan Butler

Strategic Advisor
Dan helps business owners find their value drivers, the characteristics buyers want: ones that reduce risk and improve return. Value drivers include a reliable management team, a diversified customer base, and a realistic growth strategy, among others. Dan focuses on what buyers are looking for, and what a business owner is doing that buyers like — and what needs more emphasis.
Tom Carlson

Tom Carlson

Corporate Risk Management Advisor
Tom helps business owners reduce their risk. Companies may have insurance coverage against fire damage or car accidents. But there are many other sources of risk that affect a company’s value, from ergonomics of employee desks to the loss of intellectual property rights. Tom’s review of a company’s risk shows how best to protect the business owner from a life-changing loss.

Tom Emigh

Management Development Advisor
Tom helps business owners build their management team. Every company has one or more “key employees,” the men and women who know the company almost as well as the owner does. They need to know the value they bring to the business, and how they can contribute to the future of the company. Tom asks the questions that strengthen the relationships between business owners and their team.

Joani Gill

Certified Exit Planner & Insurance Advisor
Joani is the exit planner at EXITS, organizing this team of advisors to make sure business owners identify their goals, and reach them. Joani also helps business owners have proper risk management coverage for themselves and the company. Many business owners have 90 percent of their wealth in their business — and with that much at stake, Joani can put that money in safer, tax-advantaged places. Joani lets business owners protect their company, and provide for their family’s future.

Nick Reister

Estate & Business Planning Attorney
Nick helps business owners prepare for the rest of their lives. When the sale of a business is complete, an owner needs to know how he or she can use the money from that sale to fund a quality lifestyle for themselves and their families. Estate planning uses tools like trusts to keep money in the hands of a seller, not the government. Nick cuts a former business owner’s costs after his or her exit takes effect.

Daren Shavell

Wealth Advisor
Daren helps business owners take care of themselves and their families, both before they exit their company, and after they start the next phase of their lives. Business owners can invest in the market and create accounts that build wealth for the long term. Daren works with business owners to find the most tax-effective methods that earn the most value.

Dan VanKalker

Real Estate Advisor
Dan helps business owners get the best value for typically the most costly part of a business sale, the cost of real estate. This can be the offices and factory floor along with land, or just land itself; whatever the buyer and owner decide. Dan’s knowledge of the real estate market locally and nationwide provides a true value for a significant part of the exit plan.

Derek Aten

Commercial Banking Advisor
Derek helps business owners, and business buyers, find the funds they need for the sale of a business. When another company wants to buy a business (“transfer to a third party,”) the bank can provide the money to make the sale a success. Banks offer another set of eyes on a transaction, since their due diligence process studies the performance of the company and the industry it’s in. Derek’s expertise is in finding quality buyers for a business owner’s company, and making sure they’ll stick with a deal from start to finish.
Alex Calder

Alex Calder

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor
Alex helps business owners find the right buyer, one that can meet the goals of the seller. M&A advisors search a group of buyers and narrow down the options until they find a match for a seller. They also connect the buyer and seller with banks that can fund the transaction. Alex knows the market for people buying companies, and gets sellers ready to find the best partner.

Fred Pennell

Fred helps business owners minimize their tax consequences during and after an exit. Fred has a part to play in all seven steps of the EXITS process, from analyzing a business owner’s financial goals, to assessing the taxation effects of a sale to a third party, to planning the most effective way to pass a business owner’s wealth to the next generation. Fred brings financial analysis and detailed knowledge of tax law to every EXITS transaction.
Andrew Domino

Andrew Domino

Administrative Associate
Andrew helps the EXITS team prepare marketing materials, planning sessions and client meetings. Andrew works on all seven steps of the EXITS process, and even what happens before and after the process takes place. He writes content for the EXITS website and its blog, prepares promotional material used in and outside of presentation sessions, and coordinates team efforts each day.